5 Things Your Office Should Do Before Christmas Break

It’s the silly season – end of the year and like children in school, it’s hard to pay attention for the last week.  The last day?  Forget about it.

Before you kick up your heels and toast to 2013, we’ve broken down five things that need to be done, shouldn’t be overlooked or risk getting swept aside in the merry cheer and end of year drinks.


1.  Clean out the fridge:

It’s a task that no one wants to do, everyone thinks that they’ve cleaned their food out but the UFOs (unidentified food objects) that live in the back will be waaaay off by the time you get back from break.  Finish off the milk (eggnog, anyone?), empty the cookie tin and make sure that the half opened bottles of champagne are emptied (this is the one task that everyone will be clamouring for!).

Office fridge manager

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Further to this – do the dishes.  Starting 2014 off with last year’s lunch now growing its own legs in a Tupperware container is not a good omen.  Or smell.  Make sure all of the dishes are done and put away, and that anyone who hasn’t claimed their Tupperware knows that it’s going into no man’s land – otherwise known as that cupboard where no one ever looks.  You know the one.


2.  Record Your Receipts:

Running around the stores trying to find multiple perfect gifts can get stressful and purchase amounts, items and receivers can easily blur into one!

When making a purchase, simply jot on the back what the purchase was for, the name of the recipient if it was a gift and any other information that is not covered on the receipt itself.  Be sure to file all of your receipts away as soon as you get home and make copies of the larger ticket items, as receipts fade.


3.  Clean your desk:

We know that it’s a lot of cleaning when you just want to get your party on, but coming back from break to mountains of half-scribbled notes, Post Its with illegible words and memos from the last marketing meeting that no-longer convey a discernible message is hardly conducive to shaking the I’m-back-from-break, post-holiday blues.

Besides, let’s be real – first day back into the office is going to be a haze of unread emails and adding last years Post It notes – all claiming to be urgent – why would you want to inflict that on your future self?

Post Its

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Happy new work year.  You should have cleaned your desk.


4.  Donate:

Stuck for a gift idea?  Donating to a charitable foundation in the gift receiver’s name is a great way to do a little good in a season where reflecting on the good in life and spending time with family and friends is paramount.  For those who aren’t afforded such luxuries, a little goes a long way.

On a financial end, most charitable contributions are tax deductible, if following the ATO’s guidelines.  IT Balances can help you compile these into your end of financial year reporting to make your tax lodgment and return a smooth process.

5.  Collate your finances

Don’t put it off.  You’re going to lose something, you know it, I know it, the guy you get your coffee from every morning knows it.  Crumpled receipts will end up getting tossed from your purse at some point during break, invoices that needed to be chased up with get put off and before you know it, it’s the end of the month and you’re way behind.


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You may not be a financial whizz, but keeping your invoices and receipts in order will save a few late nights and early mornings in a few weeks.   Receipts that get jammed into shopping bags have a tendency to get lost easily, which means that reimbursement claims get missed, gifts that need to be exchanged become a struggle and personal finance balances tend to blow even further through the roof.

To keep track of all of your purchases during this busy time, we suggest keeping an envelope with you at all times.

Be smart.  File all of your invoices, pay sheets, receipts and lodgements before you go away for break.

By crossing a few housekeeping items off your list, it will make the ease back into work in 2014 easier for everyone and leave you with peace of mind for the break.  Now, feel free to kick up your heels and have a toast to a job well done!

Have a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!

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